Indoor Playground Tubes

Indoor Playground Tubes

kids entertainment equipment indoor playground, also known as indoor play centers, are playgrounds located in interior environment. They are specifically designed for kids to play in and have tremendous fun with. The soft-contained structure and play equipment are wrapped in soft foam to absorb the impact when children fall or bounce around. As such,kids entertainment equipment indoor playground is usually a safer play area compared to an outdoor playground.

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Indoor Playground Tubes

Since its origination in 1990′s from the US, indoor playground has enjoyed immense popularity all over the world. Today, it has evolved from simple indoor climbing frame, to complex children play center that includes multiple play areas serving different age groups. In addition to ticket sales, the revenue of indoor playground comes from a diverse source of children’s entertainment and services such as: hosting party, gift sale, kids’ art and craft, drinks, and more.

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Growing in the city of children has little chance to come into contact with the forest of natural pure oxygen environment, and they cannot feel the impact of large areas of green and vitality. Jungle theme indoor playground provides such a chance; it combines all the visible animals in the forest, Plants, living in the animation of the fresh role, so that children more safe and healthy in the forest environment to enjoy playing.

Item Name:Indoor Playground Tubes
MaterialA. Plastic parts: Imported LLDPE from Korea.
B. Post: National standard galvanized steel pipe.
C. Deck, stair, bridge: Wood inside with Soft Covering PVC.
(Different material is available at your demand)
Age Group3-12 Year old
ThemeCandy Theme Indoor Playground Equipment


We have believed that quality is the soul of our children commercial indoor playground equipment. We only use the finest materials and follow strict manufacturing standard, safe, durable, and well-designed customized trampoline parks to our customers. We are committed to high quality because we understand how critical it is to your business, and the success of your business will in turn lead to ours.


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