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Advantages and disadvantages of children's trampoline
- Sep 29, 2018 -

Sports psychology research believes that: trampoline exercise is very in line with the psychological characteristics of children's entertainment and sports. Insist on exercise will make the child's leg muscle group and cerebellar balance nervous system and brain nervous system more developed, and can achieve the purpose of growing taller. Disadvantages of the emperor

1. When a child bounces on a trampoline, the direction and extent of the upward movement of the trampoline will change due to the randomness of the center of gravity when the child jumps up. It is difficult for the child to ensure that each bounce can withstand gravity vertically. If the center of gravity is slightly skewed, the vertebrae will be out of control, and the children will fall, and the vertebrae, joints, toughness, etc. may be mentioned.

2. When children play on a trampoline, it is easy to reduce the awareness of self-protection of organs.

3. Oscillation may cause damage to internal organs that have not yet developed well, especially to the brain.