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Characteristics of children's indoor soft floor
- Sep 29, 2018 -

Environmental protection - qualified PVC flooring is environmentally friendly and is an internationally recognized environmentally friendly floor;

Non-slip - the more the water is more sturdy, especially suitable for children's activity space, where the PVC floor is not easy to wrestle;

Waterproof - PVC flooring can be towed with wet mops without affecting the use and safety. As children's physiological development is still immature, they may pee on the ground at will, and there is no floor that is more suitable for this situation than PVC flooring;

Fire retardant - essential elements of building materials;

Safety - PVC flooring is an elastic floor material with a certain damping effect. Children like to jump and easily wrestle, this property of PVC floor can play a certain protective role;

Sound Absorption - PVC flooring is an elastic floor material with a certain sound absorption effect. Children like to jump, play, etc., PVC floor can make children's activity space full of joy and not too noisy;

Wear-resistant - the PVC structure of the composite structure has a high-strength pure PVC resin wear layer, which has strong wear resistance and durability;

Fun - the printed layer of the PVC floor of the composite structure can use colorful cartoon patterns to make the children's activity space more interesting.