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Disadvantages of children's indoor soft floor
- Sep 29, 2018 -

The advantages of PVC flooring are many and significant, and the shortcomings are also something we must pay attention to:

1. The construction foundation requirements are high - the foundation is required to be leveled (can be realized by self-leveling), smooth, rigid, dry, clean and so on.

2, fear of cigarette burns - PVC floor fire, flame retardant, not spontaneous combustion, but it will still be burned by cigarette butts.

3, afraid of sharp scratches - plastic flooring is elastic flooring, not as hard as marble, tiles.

Homogeneous transparent PVC floor:

1. Poor stain resistance, regular waxing maintenance

2, containing a certain amount of stone powder, no PVC wear layer on the surface

3, afraid of cigarette burns

4, the texture is hard, the foot feels not as soft as the composite PVC floor

5, compared to the colorful printed layer of composite PVC floor, the color is relatively simple, not enough diversity

6, fire resistance is not as good as composite PVC floor

Multi-layer composite PVC floor:

1, not repairable, this is not as good as the product

2, also afraid of cigarette burns

3, afraid of the weight roller rolling, especially the foam bottom, prone to depression