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Indoor children's park attention points
- Sep 29, 2018 -

Pay attention to safety before taking your child to play. Try to choose large-scale, good sanitation conditions, safe entertainment facilities, and more standardized children's play places. Before playing, parents should familiarize themselves with the environment of the playground and pay attention to the play, especially if there are some restrictions. Safety factors, understand the use of the facility warning terms and reminders, so as to help children avoid risks when playing. In addition, parents should help their children choose the right facilities.

At the same time, parents should also perform the custody of their children. Take care of and take care of your children and discover potential safety hazards in a timely manner. If there are more children playing in the casino, parents should avoid causing collisions in time. Once there is personal injury in the playground, you should get in touch with the operator at the first time, especially pay attention to the evidence. At the same time, you can ask the operating service to send personnel to accompany the hospital. Consumers must keep all the relevant treatments for consumption and injury. Bills, as well as other proof of payment, in order to make a reasonable claim to the merchant.