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Instruction of indoor soft play
- Dec 21, 2018 -

Please ensure read all details before enter in this indoor soft play facility

1: Take off your shoes and follow the arrange of the staffers

2: This facility offer to 3-12 years old child only (the child whose lack of independence ability at least company by one of them parents)

3: The blow mentioned goods is unallowed take in, such as knife, pole, keen staff (key, watch), firecracker, fireworks and dog-end etc. forbid chase, fight and gambado, prohibit slide with head first or stand long time inside tube. Prohibit jump from upstairs, pull or push isolated net, destroy and break net can be course heedless fall. It is can arose you body hurt or death by flirt the electric equipment. Forbid shot the gun and cannon toward anybody’s face or head, forbid climb and sit on the cannon or gun and with you eyes toward the hole.

4: It is not allowed for accompanied adult up the second floor play in ball-pool and trampoline.

5: For you and other’s health. Anyone with head disease, infectant illness and lunacy patent was prohibiting inside.

6: Any damage arose by man-made should compensate. Obey the rule and bring hurt the proprietor with no responsibility!