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Main project of the trampoline theme park
- Sep 29, 2018 -

Trampoline open area: The bounce space of the international-class trampoline has more than 40 bounce beds, including the famous tilting trampoline, bounce platform and other surprises to test the body function of the person in the air.

Play Fun Dodge: The Cool Jumping Trampoline Theme Park features the first trampoline to evade the pitch. Dodge ball + net + wall with a bomb mattress = endless fun!

Extreme Slam Dunk Area: Meet all fans' desires for a dunk but lack of ability.

Fancy Sponge Pool: The body is volleyed by the trampoline. After completing various actions in the air, jump directly into the sponge pool, the action can be thrilling, but the posture can be very beautiful.

Ninja Obstacle Race: Challenge the impossible task, when you reach the end, you will feel that you are omnipotent. Very suitable for corporate activities or group activities.