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Play children's bed notes
- Sep 29, 2018 -

Parents should pay attention to factors such as quality, size, collection and use convenience and flexibility when purchasing a household head bed. When children play vegetable beds indoors, keep the indoor air fresh, and do not blow the cool air directly (using electric fans or air conditioners). The bed should be placed away from the window (if living in the upper floors of the building) and furniture, and the distance between the wall and the wall should be kept at a distance of more than half a meter. Don’t let the children jump too excited when jumping. Children’s health experts believe that the bed is not as good as skipping. Skipping is a kind of whole body exercise. After the first exercise, it can enhance the function of the lungs, blood vessels and heart, so that the muscles of the arms, chest and legs are developed, which is beneficial to the bodybuilding of young children. Appropriate pressure on the bones and joints of the lower limbs when landing can also help promote the growth of bone tissue.