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At Indoor Play Structures, How Older Brothers Or Sisters Take Care Of Younger Ones?
- Nov 13, 2018 -

It's common to see some older kids do a very good job in taking care of their new-born brothers or sisters. Kids are born with the nature of loving small and lovely things, like puppies, kitties and many other things. It is amazing to see kids in four or five know how to amuse and take care of their baby brothers or sisters though no one has ever taught them how to do it. They know how to hug and kiss babies gentlest so as to not bring any pain to the little creatures. However, many parents wonder whether things will be the same in the indoor play structures where older kids are engaged in playing. Will they ignore the younger kids who are playing with them in the indoor playground? While I'm thinking most kids won't.

To begin with, it is the inborn nature of kids to be protective when there is someone weaker beside them. While they are having fun in the indoor play structures with other kids, they'll keep and constant eye on the little kids though they know that parents will take care of them. This action is spurred by the sense of responsibility. Kids who are well cultivated and are responsible enough all learned to think about others instead of about themselves. Some kids would even reject the invitation by other kids and choose to stay with little babies.


In addition, indoor playground provides kids with a variety of equipment for kids of different ages, which enables kids to have a great time with kids who are much younger than them. In the process of playing, they'll fell a superior sense of being an adult who can teacher someone else to finish a task with patience rather than being taught by their parents. Children all dream of becoming adult as soon as possible, it happens that their younger brothers and sisters help to boost the process in their mind.

What's more, if the elder kids have to leave their little brothers behind to join the activities organized by their friends, most of them would choose to ask a babysitter to take their place of watching the babies for a while, or just wait for the return of their parents. Few of them would just fleet away with their helpless brothers or sisters staying there alone.

In a word, older kids can not only take care of their littler brothers or sisters in the indoor play structures, they can also learn to be more responsible through taking care of the younger ones in the indoor playground. Therefore, it's okay for parents to leave babies to the care of their elder brothers or sisters when they have to leave for a little while.