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Children' Play Investment Industry Hot: Indoor Playground
- Oct 26, 2018 -

    The indoor play market in the UK is a highly fragmented, fledgling Industry. The first indoor play centre was built around 15 years ago and since then the industry has grown to well over 600 independently operated sites. Many pubs and restaurants feature indoor play equipment but certainly in more recent years, the independent operator has started to dominate the industry.

    A so called “new breed” of operators has entered the market, many based on successful models from the USA and Europe with a view to making the Children's Activity Centres built in the future, of better standards and quality of that of their predecessors. The aim of many operators is to turn play centres into a wider visitor attraction appealing to a wide age bracket. This in turn brought about the need to establish a standards focused trade body to represent play operators on various standard committees to raise perception of play operators within the leisure sector and work to become the voice of the industry and lobby government on their behalf.

    The industry currently has a wide range of opportunities, with the benefits of play in a child's development being recognised on a wider level.