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Development History And Product Features
- Sep 29, 2018 -

Since the emergence of the naughty castle in the last century, it has gradually become popular in countries such as Japan and the United States. Not only because of its playability, but also the intellectuality is scientifically affirmed. After years of development, the naughty castle is more intriguing. It is an advantage that other educational toys can't match.

The naughty castle project is a customized product. Although the advantage is a one-time investment in a lifetime returning industry, the disadvantage is that if the depreciation rate of the equipment to be withdrawn is quite high, the value of two hundred thousand equipment will be worth two months. 30,000 yuan, because the naughty castle equipment is a customized product to be placed on the next site requires a second modification, and the original package, protective net, floor mat, floor rubber, wallpaper and other items will not be used for replacement, some during the handling process The outsourced soft skin will also need to be repackaged, so the depreciation rate is close to 90%, and it is difficult to sell. Just like the home decoration, it is not worthwhile to dismantle it, so once you have done the site, as long as you can maintain it as much as possible, Because the withdrawal of the store will be very unfavorable, causing huge losses.