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How To Maintain The Kids Playground Equipment
- Oct 25, 2018 -

1. The maintenance work of large-scale playground equipment should be carried out in large-scale amusement equipment maintenance units or large-scale playground equipment users with corresponding qualifications.

2. The maintenance of large-scale amusement equipment does not allow any form of subcontracting and subcontracting.

3. The safety management personnel and maintenance personnel of large-scale amusement equipment shall be qualified by the special equipment safety supervision and management department in accordance with relevant state regulations, and obtain the national special operation personnel certificate before they can engage in corresponding operations or management.

4. Under the maintenance of large-scale amusement equipment, the number of on-site staff should not be less than two; on-site safety protection measures should be implemented during the work.

5. The service life of large-scale amusement equipment shall not be higher than the service life specified in relevant national laws or design review reports. Large-scale amusement equipment that exceeds the age limit needs to be updated, or a qualified unit should be transformed to the equipment, and the equipment can be put into use after being supervised and inspected.

6. Maintenance should be recorded and signed by relevant personnel.