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Indoor Playground Frachise
- Feb 13, 2019 -

Go with Franchise or deal directly with Manufacturer

First need to answer a simple question: which mothed is more safe? Do you know much of your manufacturer?

If the answer is no, then you should conside to buy from distributor, find a good indoor playground franchise who already deal in local and have successful case. Go and visit that place to check the quality and cooperation terms. 

A good indoor playground franchise have lot experience to deal with manufacturer,they know which one offer good quality with competitive price and they know how to make a good cooperation terms with supplier. The local agency take a certain commisions but save lot of time, the most important is no risk. Because him is responsible for all product, not from someone which you do not know and thousands miles away. 

But how to deal with indoor playground franchise is quite important. 

Tip! We suggest you find some manufacturer to lean the cooperation terms and price. So you have certern ideal on the price range and some knowlege on the quality.

1, You can not let the Kids playground franchises charge too much amount,  For example: the design cost which is totally free. So can not let them charge you on this.

2, The mainteance cost should be free in one year.

2, Should make deal on the cost of parts, so after one year you can get parts easy with low cost. Orther wise you will have serious problem when something broken. 

3, Should make a deal on price of new items, incase you need replacement in future to keeping the attract to kids.

4, should make deal on installation, the installation cost should be clarify in the contract. 

5, To by from indoor playground franchise, the accept commission should not more than 30% of contract value to compare with directly factory.