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Indoor Playground Or Entertainment Park
- Nov 23, 2018 -

Nowadays, the number of places for entertainments for both children and parents is growing rapidly, we are, therefore, endowed with more access to playground or entertainment parks. When concerning whether indoor playground or entertainment park benefit kids more, there arise a heated debate among parents. Some say that indoor playground equipment is more suitable to cultivate children because it can provide kids with a safe and comfortable environment. Others hold the opposite view that entertainment park will be more attractive for kids and it will give them a good chance to learn about the outside world. As far as I'm concerned, I hold the view that indoor playground is the better choice, and I've give several examples in the following passage to support my view.

To begin with, there is no doubt that in entertainment parks children can appreciate the beautiful view of tall buildings and interesting places, eat delicious food and meet interesting people. But don't think it is too ready for them to accept all these things at such a young age for they have seldom grasped the ability to appreciate the beauty. They need a ground on which they can view the beauty of world, and this place in their life should be indoor playground.

Secondly, plying in the entertainment park is a laborious job because you have to wait in line for playing with an equipment, elbow through the crowds, burn your skin under the hot sunshine, also you have to pay attention to thieves. Indoor playground equip, though small and acquires less attraction for parents and kids, at least wouldn't wear you out. On the contrary, you can feel rather relaxed with your kids in the quiet and comfortable place. And there are close little friends come to play with your kids, together with the care of babysitters.

Furthermore, though I have to admit that exploring the wonder of unknown world and arcane natural phenomenon is always a perpetual character mankind, It may not suit for the appetite of kids who would rather choose to spend their time in the indoor playground in which they can have a happier time with their friends and parents. Outside world is, to some extent, full of attraction to adults, but they often leave the impression of strange and horrible for children. On the other hand, it is not through exploring the outside world in fresh that we can acquire the knowledge of the world, we can also learn a lot through TVs and books.

At last, indoor playground equipment is the step stone of children's life, none will be able to jump to a higher place without hurting himself. As indoor playground has already become an vital part of children's life, therefore, parents should pay more attention to indoor play center instead of entertainment park.