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Is Criticism Necessary In Indoor Play Structures
- Nov 08, 2018 -

Good medicine tastes bitter but cures disease and saves life, so does honest advice. Though extremely unpleasing to ears, criticism benefits people extensively. Admittedly, nobody is perfect. Everyone needs criticism from others to make self-improvement, including children. It is through honest advice that children can tell right from wrong, good from evil. In indoor play structure, none of the kids want to hear criticism from others, because these bitter words may ruin their day. But in a team, those who are unable to accept criticism can never cooperate with others, thus success will never be accessible.


Above all, if a person refuses to accept criticism in teamwork, he is not in a qualified state of mind which determines the chances to succeed. A million uncertainties and obstacles may stand in the way before a person reaches a target. Therefore, one needs strong will to overcome all the obstacles and challenges he meets in the way. And criticism just present as a typical challenge to be faced with those who can't see the value of criticism are doomed to be defeated half way. In indoor play structure, children should not only enjoy the happiness of games, but should also be taught about how to correct their errors. Criticism should be given properly in time so that the default will not go with them throughout their life.

Besides, when children are playing games in the indoor play structure, they are divided into different teams, and teamwork requires all members to unite as one and be devoted to the team while heatedly. If one person fails to perform his assigned tasks, criticism proves to be the best cure to his problem and helps to ensure smooth progression. It is nothing but a necessary approach to bringing about that most desirable result. There is no excuse for anyone to turn it down. And it is not indoor play structure children need to learn about it, but also school students and company working staff and people of all works value the importance of criticism.



Furthermore, everyone should understand the fact that criticism paves way to self-enhancement. Childhood is the first and most important stage of one’s life, the earlier they can accept criticism, the more benefits they will gain. It is sometimes a shameful thing to accept other people's criticism, especially when children are having fun in the indoor play structure with their peers. It is usually hard for them to accept the truth that they have done something wrong. But in most cases, it is exactly the truth that is included within criticism. Just as a Chinese proverb explains, lookers-on see most of the game. Children should learn to accept the truths that it is those who give criticism are actually uncovering the truth.

Generally speaking, there is no need to shun away from a good-intention criticism. Only by modestly accepting criticism could one make bigger progress and march closer to the final success. Therefore, even when children are happy playing in the indoor play structure, it is necessary to cut in to give proper criticism so that they can learn about their mistakes.