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- Oct 31, 2018 -

Trampoline parks have evolved from traditional open court layouts to multi-attraction venues that are successfully competing with the family entertainment center industry. One factor that has attributed to the rapid evolution of trampoline parks is the addition of exciting and unique attractions that appeal to a diverse group of guests.


Many experts agree that incorporating new elements, like Ninja Warrior Courses, helps drive interest with new guests and prompts return visits. While a fresh new look for the park has proven beneficial for many entertainment centers there are also many questions that need to be addressed before finalizing the decision to integrate a new attraction into your trampoline park. The most recent Tourist Attractions & Parks Issue featured an article titled Trends in Adding New Equipment and Attractions at Trampoline Parks that included advise from seasoned owners and operators on how they complete research on trending trampoline park equipment and how to identify when new attractions should be considered.