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Knowledge Of Outdoor Playground Mats
- Dec 19, 2018 -

Safety mats reduce the damage of falling from outdoor play structure. Protect children from chase, horseplay. It is dangerous kids reverse play on outdoor playground or stretch body out fence on deck. But some naughty children still to it! Safety mats minimize these harm! 

Here we introduce most common mats which have wide use for outdoor play structure! 
Rubber safety mat! This mat have two layer! Surface layer made by high density plastic particles with four color for option (Yellow, Red, Blue, Green)
Ground layer extrusion forming by soft large plastic particles, We use environmental- friendly glue imported from Germany BASF company. 

Thickness of safety mats from 2cm-5cm on specification 50x50cm. Safety mats is very heavy, One square meter 2.5cm mat is 20kg. Most of children park use 2.5cm mat! It is easy on assemble, Only need to brush glue on flat floor.

For mat on thickness 5cm, That is no need to glue on floor, It is too heavy can fixed itself! 

That is one new mat for outdoor playground equipment! You can check by click (mat on floor) our website! This mat is made by PP with small size, 30x30x1.2cm (thickness), This mat have better looking, easier for drain away water, No need glue on floor, But is not as soft as Rubber mat!