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Naughty Fort Project Management
- Sep 29, 2018 -

1. Budget working capital. Nothing can be done without the support of funds. The same is true for naughty castles. When we have such an idea, we must think about it in our minds. Is there enough initial venture capital support? What will happen after the operation, how much income a day, how long it will recover the cost, etc. For example, in investment, naughty castles are 50,000, venues are 30,000 a year, hydropower is 3000 per month, and renovations are 20,000, etc. A total of 100,000 are recorded (only for reference here, no actual reference value). Also calculate how much you can earn in a day, the difference between Monday and Friday and holidays. Here you can refer to the list. The ultimate goal we care about is how long it takes to recover costs and profits.

2. Venue. For children's entertainment, not a good venue is not acceptable. The operation of Naughty Fort is mostly in the domestic supermarkets, because the shopping malls and supermarkets themselves choose to be in a better crowd. In these places, naughty castles have saved the trouble of selecting places. Shopping malls and other places must be decided after certain choices and planning. Coupled with these places are also places that can attract people to stop, such as adults go to the supermarket, shopping malls, you can directly put the children in the naughty places to play. However, supermarkets are not the only choice. We can also do professional children's play stores. For example, many foreign cases can be used for reference. But for convenience, the supermarket is a good choice. Among us and our customers, operating in these places is better than outside. In addition, if you choose to locate the site, you should also consider what the surrounding buildings are based on while considering the flow of people, in order to help determine the internal configuration and size of the naughty castle.