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New Generation Naughty Castle
- Sep 29, 2018 -

A new generation of naughty castles, which contain a variety of games from previous generations of naughty castles (eg trampolines, marine ball pools, aerial blocks, single-wood bridges, cable bridges, cockpits, spiral slides, slides, rainbow ladders, rock climbing) , extraterrestrial flying saucers, carbines, cannons, automatic guns, cartoon stalls, etc.), and added air cars, volcanic eruptions, animal spray balls, and some electric toys (such as electric coconut trees, carousels, electric octopus, Projects such as bending trees, etc. Children can use the fortress's dynamic soft sponge ball to bomb with the "cannon", or use the "carbine" to shoot, the "rubber bow" to surrender, or throw it with bare hands. Under the UFO, accept a bubble bath from the sky, very happy. All activities are shocking and safe, full of excitement and challenges.

Most of the naughty materials are engineering plastics, PVC plastics, steel frames, galvanized pipes, etc., depending on the material properties.