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Play And Learning At Indoors Playground
- Jan 20, 2019 -


The advanced network of mass media today has kept people well informed about what is going on in all corners of the earth. The world has been made smaller. Receiving updated reports from different nations and regions has become a fashionable habit of many people every day. Though most of these events have little association with our daily lives, there is still need to learn about them. As regard for kids, they should also be given the opportunity to learn about some important events that are happening in the world. It is not only class rooms can function as a holy place for teachers to pass knowledge; indoor playground can do the same thing. All of us should keep in mind that everything happens around us is history and worth the notice of all.


Above all, the world today has become global village, where not a single nation is isolated from others. Our country as one of the biggest and most power countries needs the contribution of all to make it stronger. Therefore, all citizens should build up the consciousness that we are a united one. In this modern age, the global market is a coherent whole. The financial crisis occurring in one reason may be a reliable sign of an economic nightmare on a grander scale in the near future. Moreover, keeping an eye on world economic news is also helpful to those who have invested in the stock market. What's more, being well informed about world situation is also a part of today's education, so the information children have received in the indoor playground would no doubt pave way for their further study.


Secondly, having access to information about the outside world is an effective step to broaden a person's horizon. In a sense, learning about global events resembles setting off on a meaningful spiritual tour. Watching world-wide news broadcasts via the Internet or the TV, listening to global events from the radio, reading articles in the world-news columns of newspapers and magazines; all these activities could be considerably beneficial to a person's mental development. Thus, reserving a portion of leisure for such an educational spiritual journey each day is undoubtedly a fashionable choice. After all, open-mindedness is a highly-desired quality in the modern society. Confinement and short-sightedness would lead to backwardness of an individual. And I believe both adults of different working positions and kids in the indoor playground need to quality.


Generally speaking, gaining knowledge about world-wide events helps people have a more rational understanding about what the world is like. Knowing about diverse global events brings a person into the outside world and allows him to observe him selves better. In order to become qualified inhabitants in this global village, sensible individuals should cover a wide range of information by taking advantage of mass media. And even indoor playground kids should be included. We are a part of the world and we are destined to follow the trend of know the world well.