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Playing In The Indoor Playground Helps To Improve Learning Ablity
- Nov 10, 2018 -

It is common phenomenon among children that they are poor at memorizing things; however, it is almost their regular work to memorize articles of the textbooks. As for parents, they've tried a variety of ways to help their children improve their ability of memorizing things, such as provide them with more nutritious, send them for teachers... while as far as I'm concerned, interest is the best teacher and passion is the most efficient motivation. Children nowadays are tired of homework and are unwilling to finish the tasks assigned by their teachers. Some children do badly in school work though they have spent much time on it. Is it because they are not smart enough? Well, I don't think so. I believe the main factor leading to the results is that they lack the passion to continue to do the endless homework after one day's study in the classroom. Is there any solution to the problem, I guess playing games in the indoor playground may be the most efficient to encourage children to finish their daily task on time.



To begin with, children's mind is tightly stressed when they are in classes, hours of time sitting in the class room has already drove away their patience to calm down to read books or do their homework. As a matter of fact, what is urgently needed is a good rest or relaxation. While parents just care much about how kids do in their school work but turned a ignorant attitude toward children's wish to play grams for a moment after school. Indoor playground is set up for children, but it remains far away from most children's life. If parents can think from a different aspect instead pushing their kids so hard so that they won't leg behind others in school work, kids may achieve better progress. It is human nature to be awarded when they have done something, kids in particular, if parents fail to see children's need that hide behind their hearts, all education will turn to be less efficient than it should be.


In addition, doing exercise or playing games with a group of people would inspire people up when they are in low mood. Body movement helps the circulation of blood and improves enthusiasm. Children after class are exactly feeling as if their heart stops beating and their blood stops circulating. Under such situation, pressure would make them feel more tired and the efficiency of learning would be low. And as parents, we can't deprive children of the right to have fun in the indoor playground under the name of love. Just as the saying goes: all roads lead to Rome. We need to come up with different methods to help children to get self-improvement. It is parents' responsibility to find out the most efficient way to make children's study easier, they should not follow the example of other parents who teach their kids so strictly and totally ban them from playing any games in the indoor playground.