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Some Unpopular Knowledge Of Indoor Playground
- Nov 04, 2018 -

Indoor playground is suitable for some prosperous areas such as kindergartens, schools, shopping malls, commercial streets, large communities, large supermarket shopping malls, parks, playgrounds and so on. It can be installed anywhere and is easy to manage.


The cost is generally divided into two parts. If your indoor playground chooses a supermarket, part of it is the cost of the supermarket, and the other part is the cost of indoor playground. It depends on the comprehensive factors of your amusement equipment and the size of the venue. In addition, some pre-publication costs are required after opening a store.

Naughty Fort has a wide variety of accessories, which is also an important factor for us to decide the price. Another important factor is the installation. A indoor playground installed by a professional indoor playground installer may be used for two years, and non-professionals may only make one year.If you only attention to the cost of indoor playground and ignore the installation,  the service life of the indoor playground will be paid.