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Start An Indoor Playgrounds For Children
- Dec 10, 2018 -

主图It personally and financially rewarding for a business man to start an indoor playground, The advantage of running indoor playground business is that they are extremely versatile, they can house any equipment, activity or feature as owner wants. Parents want their kids to be healthy and active instead stay home or violence video game, this business advantage is offer such a place for their kids. The keys to starting an indoor playground are to find a good location to put the indoor play equipment, and create an aesthetically pleasing place for kids and their parents.

Just like any other business. To start this business you need to know about your competitor, you need to know how many indoor playground are already in your city, how many near your location, you can find them by yellow pages, indoor playgrounds are usually list under recreation facilityy or playground, offer have names like family fun, kids play zone, with words like, fun, jungle, play etc..., if you not sure about whether the name contains one of indoor playground, you can reconfirm this by ball, make sure you know where indoor playground are located near you, you can pay a visit to understand better what kids of play system you may need, please notice lot of coffer shop, restaurants and day cares center have indoor play area as a side attraction.

Decide the theme and type you will operate for your business, indoor playground come in many theme and can be any size. Some have large tube complex including many interconnected tunnels and slide, Some with several detached slide such as long fiber glass slide, stainless slide, tube slide, from three or four floor height, in lower level also comprised single plastic slide, twin slide, animal shaped block, swings, seesaw and jungle gyms. Some have separate toddler play area with soft play and toddler play game. Search your supplier by Google and check suppliers website, consult design, compare price and cooperation terms. The equipment with lot of plastic parts and net play game are more expensive than common playground equipment, play system on large size and height level also means more installation cost! Cost of delivery, installation and equipment all need to take account! 

Indoor playground serve a fairly simple purpose which is offer a place where kids to have active play time without parents to worry about their kids wandering off. For this reason, there is more than one indoor playground in a small area. Search for a commercial building with open floor space in retail rental space directory. A good location for your indoor playground business is with kindergarten, day cares and retailers relate to kids stuff but with few existing competitors. It is also important to choose a location where parents and children frequently travel together, it is even better if have shopping market or entertainment for parents.  
Make out a floor plan according to the specification of your play area, your could do it yourself or with hope of the building owner, the floor plan have to be very clear, the exactly size of each side, the doors location, size and location of column, the parts room location, the rest area, height of to the ceiling, witch side is wall and which side have windows, mark the floor plan by few draws and mark each specification with different color, All these are important for you to get a good design, designer are not understand your place without these details! Take few photos will also help the designer from supplier to make a good layout for you! If you plan to running a large indoor playground better asking the building owner to offer you a 3D floor plan. 

Next step is buy yourself a playground equipment, There are many of supplier all over the world, Google it and find the most attractive design from supplier website, there are many different types of indoor play equipment, for example Angel Playground Equipment Co.,LTD offers ten different theme for indoor playground (ocean theme, pirate ship, rainbow, space, ice age, jungle, castle etc...) also with lot of side line product such as toddler play, soft play, climbing, trampoline etc..., To know more just Google angel playground.
You also many need a tax ID number and register with local authority, you can completer tax and business forms on line at your state department website or entrust with a agency to do it for you! You may need to pay fee for this service. You also need to hire a forwarder take care for the delivery if your order indoor playground oversea, From China is good option, supplier from China offer better price with similar quality, each country or state may have different import duty, The HS code for playground equipment is 9506990000. Check the import duty and shipping cost with your forwarder! 

You can asking your forwarder delivery the container to your place by truck, then hire worker to unloading the equipment for you, you can often install simple equipment yourself, if you purchased large play equipment, the company from which your buy may help you do the installation, To know this visiting our article about installation and design.