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The History Of Trampoline
- Jan 11, 2019 -

In 1947, the United States held the first national trampoline competition in Texas;
Since 1948, it has been included in the formal competition, then introduce to Europe;
In 1958, Britain began to hold the British Trampoline Championships;
In 1964, it held the First World Trampoline Championships in Britain;
In 1969, it held the First European Trampoline Championships in Paris, France
In 1999, International Trampoline Federation became an association of International Gymnastics Union;
In the 27th Olympic Games in 2000, trampoline officially became a competition project.

It opened many indoor trampoline park and trampoline experience hall in the United States, Britain, Europe and Australia. And it has become a new landmark for Europe and the United States family Weekend party and Yong people to play cool, because this funny and relaxed experience can let people forget all pressure of work instantly and let them immerse in the happy childhood experience together with kids.

A trampoline themed comprehensive park is the direction of amusement field future development. Large Comprehensive trampoline themed park features are : fitness and recreation as the unity of physical exercise program; adult and children as one of parent-child games; the best venue for recreation and leisure team; also meets the special requirements of sport class, confrontation training, competition, parkour, extreme challenges and other items on the venue; and in terms of game innovation, the integration of body sense games has fully played the game experience from visual to auditory combined with sports challenge.