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The Technical Requirements For Naughty Fort
- Sep 29, 2018 -

The main points are as follows:

1. Shield net: high-strength nylon rope tool weaving, high strength, good insurance function and conformity;

2. Bamboo tube: galvanized bamboo tube, in line with domestic specifications;

3. Bamboo tube: galvanized bamboo tube, in line with domestic specifications;

4. Foreskin: high-density foamed EVA sponge, thin thickness ≥6mm, covered with shiny leather, easy to scrub, bright color, no easy to break, good flame retardancy;

5, rainbow ladder: the outside is wooden, two bags of heavy foam, high strength, naughty castle to reach the insurance function of high quality, the device tilt angle is less than 30 degrees, in line with national standards;

6, balcony: Naughty Fort exterior is a multi-layer board, high strength, high quality insurance;

7, plastic ballistics and slides: bright colors, anti-ultraviolet (UV) power reached 8 levels, consistent with pharmaceutical-grade specifications, anti-static power, insurance, environmental protection, weather resistance, high strength

In order to protect the children's insurance performance when they are playing naughty castles, the country has launched a series of skill requests for the various positions of the naughty castle.

8. Yangguan Road: The outside of the Yangguan Road of Naughty Fort is a multi-layer board. The two sides are covered with heavy foam. The outermost part is woven with shiny leather, with high strength and high insurance function.

9. Carpet: High-density EVA foam sponge, insurance and environmental protection.