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The Use Of Children's Trampoline Helps
- Sep 29, 2018 -

1. Remove the white cock before inflating. After filling the air, make sure the cock is correctly inserted and completely inserted. Do not remove the cock when using it.

2. When a child rides a children's jumping animal series of inflatable toys, an adult must be looked after.

3, to a certain time, the children's jumping animal series inflatable toys will gradually shrink. Be sure to re-inflate and reach saturation before continuing to play.

4. Before playing with this toy, make sure there are no sharp objects or objects around or on the ground.

5, children's jumping horse fitness toys suitable for a child to play. It is dangerous to play with two children, so it is not recommended to play with two children.

6. When riding a children's jumping horse inflatable toy, two small hands should grasp its two ears. It is very dangerous to stand on the toy or not to grasp the ear. We also do not advocate it.

7. Avoid playing on uneven ground, stairs or stairs. Don't play in a place with fire or electric heater.

8. Don't use the children's jumping animal series as an instrument, it is just for playing.