Big Trampoline Park

Big Trampoline Park

Our products commerical big trampoline park now is selling to all around world, most are in Australia, Europe, USA, South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East ,etc .Our aimis to satisfy our clients.

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big trampoline park

Product Description
With such a big area why not do a trampoline park?It’s popular and enhance the function of each organ system of children, and make the child strong. Adult and kids can play here together.Its function displays in its jumping movement, helping the sensory integration, raising the sense of balance, but also training the child's hand and eye coordination, it’s a great help for the child’s self-movement and movement development. It not only meets the lively and active nature of the children, but also achieves the effect of strengthening the body and keeping fit. In addition, trampoline can also help children's emotional stability.

Material Introduction of our Trampoline
All the elements are anti-crack, anti-fade, anti-toxic, anti-UV resistance.
Life Time is 10 years for steel parts, 5 years for padding and mats
Quality Guarantee for our trampoline park is 5 Years for steel structure, 2 Years for padding, 1 Year for trampoline.We provide quality product in order spread the joy of jumping and protect them also.

1.Do not allow the people Violent destruction.
2.Don't use sharp things in Trampoline surface.  
3. ensuring the safety,we suggest that minors under 12 years old should be accompanied by their parents.
4. Clean the jump mat every week with wet cloth.
5. Check all the equipment including spring,steel pipe etc regularly.



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